Chongo after climbing in 2008 (Photo by Sonja)

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                        CHONGO ON CALL

Chongo’s wisdom has resulted in the very best highliners and big wall climbers in the world.

                …His tutelage has led to building champions. His experience can help make you or your group

                champions too. Cell phone service is available in many places, like Yosemite, for example,

                allowing you ask for advice in the field (as well as putting Chongo in reach from wherever).

                The best technical advice there is can be a phone call away from anywhere there is service.

                 Make arrangements to talk to Chongo by cell phone during the course of your adventure by

                 contacting the master himself in advance of your trip; e-mail:

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Chongo after climbing in 2008. (Photo by Sonja.)

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